The Washington Bankers Association (WBA) staff conducts the daily operations for the association and administers all association events, products, and services.  Please call or email any of us to get more information about our organization or services.

WBA Leadership


Glen Simecek
President & CEO

(206) 344-3485
Email: Glen Simecek

Duncan Taylor
SVP, Programs & Member Services

(206) 344-3492
Email: Duncan Taylor

WBA Staff


Megan Managan
Director of Communications & Government Relations

(206) 344-3472
Email: Megan Managan

Katherine Nyerick
Director of Education

(206) 344-3484
Email: Katherine Nyerick



Kyle Hayden

(206) 344-3476
Email: Kyle Hayden



Sherry Krainick
Operations & Education Manager

(206) 344-3475
Email: Sherry Krainick