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The WBA is pleased to offer you access to the Bank Performance Report (BPR), created by the Kentucky Bankers Association, as part of your membership.

Utilizing data from the quarterly FFIEC Call Reports, the BPR ranks the overall performance of each bank headquartered in that state. The overall performance ranking is based on each bank’s average ranking across 8 different performance categories – Net Interest, Non-Interest Income, Non-Interest Expense, Efficiency, NPA’s/Equity & Reserve, Asset Quality Index, Return on Assets, and Return on Equity.

A copy of the Washington 2023 Q1 BPR is available here as an example of the data included in the report.

The BPR has been a proven strategic planning tool for the last 20 years serving multiple uses, including:

·     Strategic Profit Planning

·     Board Reporting

·     Measurement for Performance Incentives

·     Competition Analysis

·     Trends in the Market

This report offers a wealth of benchmarking data that can assist in helping banks identify areas for improvement and ultimately improve their overall performance.

The standard annual BPR subscription includes a quarterly printed, bound, and tabbed report, plus two electronic reports (PDF and Excel versions). Electronic versions of the report will allow you to share the data with other team members and promote further data sorting and analysis for your own purposes. The annual subscription fee includes four (4) quarters, with your first report being the next quarter published upon subscribing. Custom reports are also available, pricing to be commensurate with request complexity.

If you would like to sign up or learn more, please complete the Order Form linked in the button above and email it to info@bankperformancereport.com.