Retail Branch Manager Development Program


Early bird cutoff: October 1

WBA Members: $2,750 early bird, $3,250 regular | Non Members: $3,750 early bird, $4,000 regular

October 23, 2019
The program will be launched with a brief presentation by Joe Zavaglia, the advisor for the program, followed by an introduction of all the participants. Students will then participate in a panel discussion led by various heads of retail banking from local community banks on the challenges of being a retail banker in today’s environment. The afternoon session will discuss what the future holds for community banks.
Presented by Joe Zavaglia, Zavaglia Consulting

November 20, 2019
This session will look at the various lending functions offered by most banks, including consumer, commercial, real estate and individual/private banking loans. In addition, the course will cover income statements, personal financial statement analysis and customer communications. Students will gain a perspective on the rationale behind an approval vs. a decline, originations, portfolio management and servicing. Students will:

• Examine loan models
• Discuss underwriting principles
• Understand the collection process and loan rating systems
• Learn how scoring systems work and gain an understanding of a basic balance sheet. 

Presented by David Osburn, Osburn and Associates

December 18, 2019
A critical component to increasing your bank’s bottom line is the sales channel. This course takes a look at the moving parts in the sales process. Time will be spent comparing and contrasting small business and consumer accounts, and daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly sales protocols. A focused discussion will provide students with insight into banking the small business customer, compare proactive and reactive approaches, and consider the advantages and value of self-promotion and community involvement. Students will learn:

• To identify customer needs and how this will lead to an increased cross-sell ratio
• The importance of developing daily sales habits and self discipline
• How to balance the demands of producing sales results while managing a branch

Presented by Joe Zavaglia, Zavaglia Consulting

January 15, 2020 
Clear, authentic communication with customers and colleagues is a big key to success. You will dig deep into the best practices for listening, handling difficult conversations, and offering feedback. Students will learn how to:

• Identify their listening style and the styles of others
• Understand how perception and stress affect emotion and organizational health
• Define strengths and blind spots and use coaching for effective day-to-day communication
• Clarify your message and get yourself heard

Presented by Derek Olsen, Henley Leadership Group

February 19, 2020
All leadership begins with self-leadership. Mastering highperformance leadership is an inside-out process. This course helps learners become self-aware, examine their leadership profile and articulate a strategic leadership development plan. High-performance leaders leverage their purpose, values and strengths to foster a culture of growth mindset, cultivate resiliency and adaptability and continuously learn and grow. Effective leaders are masters of developing and growing others. They are leadership multipliers. Highperformance leaders understand that increasing personal and organizational leadership capacity along with taking on new challenges will ultimately increase organizational adaptability, agility and enhance the bottom line. Students will:

• Discuss leadership challenges in the age of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA)
• Develop self-awareness and examine your leadership profile
• Create a strategic personal leadership development plan
• Create a process for continuous learning, reflection and renewal
• Promote personal leadership development in others

Presented by Dariush Khaleghi, Leadership Edge LLC

February 20, 2020
One big differentiator for us as community retail bankers is customer service, yet do we really know what the customer wants, and is our perception of how well we’re doing accurate or overly inflated? This class will provide an in-depth understanding of all aspects of customer service and link it with the importance of employee engagement. After a day of increasingly critical analysis of the aspects of customer service you will be asked to shop various banks in the downtown Seattle core to compare the service you received with the standards you have recently come to know. This class will provide you with some definite “ah ha” moments!
Presented by Joe Zavaglia, Zavaglia Consulting

* Attendance at WBA programs is limited to employees, officers and directors of WBA members, non-members eligible for membership in the WBA and members of other state banking associations which grant reciprocal privileges to WBA members.

Cancellation Policy: For all cancellations that occur up to seven days prior to the start date, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged. For cancellations with less than seven days notice, there will be no refunds. A substitute can attend at no fee. For cancelled courses and/or seminars, full fees will be refunded.
Cancellation Procedure: Cancellations must be sent in writing to the WBA office via email, fax, or mail. No refunds will be granted until a written cancellation request is received by WBA.