Washington Bankers Association (WBA) Professional Services, Inc. (PROS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Washington Bankers Association. WBA PROS was created to provide members with a high quality line of endorsed products and services. WBA PROS is overseen by a Board of Directors – comprised of WBA members – that affirms that each product and/or service offered has been thoroughly researched and is continually scrutinized to ensure its ongoing quality, integrity, and value. This comprehensive review assures you of solutions that meet high industry standards, deliver the quality and reliability you expect, and offer the potential to improve your bank’s profitability and performance.

The firms that comprise the WBA PROS family of products and services have made a very strong commitment to WBA and to our industry and they deserve our attention. We invite you to click the links below for further information regarding the value that these fine companies may bring to your financial institution.

PROS Vendors are selected from our Special Members.  For more information on Special Membership, please click here.

If you'd like more information or want to connect with WBA PROS, please contact Duncan Taylor.

PROS Endorsed Solutions

AbrigoCompliance Alliance | Critical Insight | Glory Global Solutions

IP Services | KeyState | Newcleus | ODP 

PayNorthwest | TrabianStrategyCorps | USI | Vericast