WBA Advocacy

Effective advocacy is a year-round process and its success is absolutely reliant upon the participation of our members. For more than a century, we have worked to ensure Washington’s banks are able to meet the needs of all of Washington’s citizens. Over 100 years later, that passion has not dimmed. The WBA’s primary purpose is to support and advance the banking industry in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. WBA’s advocacy efforts include:

  • Educating lawmakers on the impact of the banking industry in Washington state and engaging lawmakers and policy makers in a dialogue on behalf of the industry
  • Serving as a resource about how banking in Washington impacts the state’s economy and removing barriers for businesses and customers relating to state and national banking issues
  • Supporting bipartisan policies and lawmakers committed to sustainable economic development for all of the state’s citizens
  • Get the latest WBA Advocacy Updates online and sign up for alerts


The WashBank PAC is a bi-partisan and voluntary political action committee open to Washington bankers and friends of the banking community. BankPAC was organized to encourage members of the banking profession to take a more active and organized role in government. WashBank PAC gives bankers a meaningful avenue to participate in financially supporting political candidates who understand the needs and interests of the banking industry. BankPAC also provides an effective way for members to become politically involved at both the state and national levels. Representation on this scale is essential if we are to establish and maintain the best environment for banking in Washington. Click the button for more information and the donation form.


We know our elected officials like to hear from their constituents. You can make a difference in our industry by becoming a WBA Legislative Ambassador.Perhaps you have already established relationships with elected officials? Maybe this is an area of interest for you personally. Whatever your reason, if you’re willing to act when needed, we would like to hear from you.

By becoming a Legislative Ambassador, you help the WBA intensify its efforts to develop, maintain and build personal relationships between bankers and their state, federal lawmakers, while creating an effective communications link to ensure that Washington bankers are heard in Olympia and Washington D.C.

Be a voice for your industry - become a WBA Legislative Ambassador! You’ll serve as a personal contact with an elected official when our industry needs action. We’ll provide timely alerts when our issues are under discussion or up for a vote, along with suggested talking points and background information. Legislators want to hear from their constituents, and your participation can help us succeed!

WBA Legislative Ambassadors will receive regular communication regarding events, legislative issues and more.


Each fall, the WBA hosts luncheons with legislators across the state. This is an opportunity for bankers to meet with their representatives in their hometown and share information about the industry.

For more information on scheduling and how to attend, contact Megan Managan at megan@wabankers.com or call (206) 344-3472.


Each year the WBA hosts events where bankers have a chance to meet and share experiences with lawmakers.

Join us in the spring for the next Bankers Day on the Hill in Olympia. We invite bankers from across Washington to come to the state capitol, learn about recent events and then meet with your local representative. It’s a wonderful chance to see legislation in action and cultivate a personal relationship with your lawmakers.

In the fall, WBA, along with the Oregon and Idaho Bankers Association, visit Washington D.C. to meet with our Congressional representatives. Over the course of several days, bankers visit D.C. regulatory agencies, learn about current issues and meet with lawmakers.

For more information contact Megan Managan at megan@wabankers.com or call (206) 344-3472.


Attending one of the many WBA events throughout the year is a great opportunity to meet other bankers from the Pacific Northwest, as well as a chance to learn about current issues.