Thumbprint Signature Program

The Thumbprint Signature Program provides a simple, effective, and inexpensive method for preventing and deterring check fraud. The deterrent aspect of the program is its strongest advantage. Thumbprint Signature has become very popular with banks and merchants of all sizes because it offers an easy and inexpensive way to prevent fraud without inconveniencing customers.

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How it works

Persons wanting to cash a check are asked to place an impression of their thumbprint on the face of the check. A small "inkless" touch pad facilitates the process. Although the touch pad looks and operates just like a traditional inkpad, it leaves no stain or residue. The procedure is quick, simple, and clean. These signatures are used by law enforcement officials only in cases where fraud is suspected.

Criminals seeking to commit check fraud are unlikely to put their thumbprints on bogus checks. Those who are foolish enough to cooperate leave a positive ID that can be turned over to law enforcement.


  • Touch pads
  • Window displays
  • Decals
  • Statement stuffers