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Throughout the month of March, approximately 500 Puget Sound-area branches representing 22 separate financial institutions have been participating in the Bankers Care spring food drive.  It’s an important effort, because local food bank shelves typically are at their lowest points this time of year.  The effort was set to culminate with a major event at Westlake Center on Friday, March 28th, with participating bankers spreading throughout downtown Seattle to solicit additional donations.

Then the tragic mudslide hit the Oso area in Northwestern Washington.  Families have been devastated and emergency responders have been stretched to their limits.  Our friends at Northwest Harvest responded immediately, sending more than 11,000 pounds of food that requires little or no cooking to the area. 

But our planned Bankers Care event provided another opportunity to do so much more for those hit by this disaster.  So we quickly decided that donations from the final Friday of the food drive, including the Westlake Center event, would be directed toward providing additional food to the victims of the mudslide and those who are working to respond to the disaster.  Once again, our media partner, KOMO, stepped up with live coverage to help us reach more potential donors.

So, in addition to working with our customers to provide hundreds of thousands of meals to feed the homeless in our community, the banking industry, in partnership with the communities we serve, has stepped up with some important and timely help for those whose homes and lives have been shattered.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Bankers Care Million Meal March for your caring response to this tragedy, and for everything you do throughout the year.

Committed to Community

Participating Banks

We are committed to, and invested in, an ongoing program that helps positively impact people, neighborhoods, and communities across Washington state. The Bankers Care Spring Food Drive is just one example of how bankers in Washington contribute day in and day out to make our local communities better places to live and work.

Jim Pishue, President & CEO
Washington Bankers Association







Bankers Care – Lending A Hand In Our Community is a new outreach program sponsored by the Washington Bankers Association (WBA), and its member banks and bankers. Bankers Care focuses on the many ways bankers can help meet the vital needs of people across the state. Future initiatives will continue to focus on activities that positively impact people, neighborhoods and communities throughout Washington.

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