Our open-enrollment seminars are taught by professional instructors and offer students a dynamic learning experience in a classroom setting.  Seminars offer students great opportunities for networking.

Schools and Series Programs

The WBA offers several programs that offer more in-depth training than our standard one-day seminars. These programs offer opportunities for students to build upon knowledge learned in prior courses.


Professional Bank Services (PBS) Compliance Seminars

More than 10,000 financial institution representatives attend quality, compliance seminars hosted by PBS each year. PBS trainers are known for their ability to present complex topics in an easy to understand and practical way, and for providing the best written materials in the industry.

For a list of upcoming seminars, please visit our calendar.  If you don't see a subject that you are looking for, please contact us at (206) 447-1700.

Questions? Email or call us at (206) 447-1700.

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