WBA & Harland Clarke's partnership

Harland Clarke's product and service portfolio goes far beyond checks, and they are a committed support of the mission and vision of the WBA. The WBA mobile app is brought to you exclusively by Harland Clarke.

Portfolio Analytics

Increase your customer retention and create profitable growth

Because every person is unique, it’s time to start connecting differently with your banking customers.

With Harland Clarke’s Portfolio Analytics, your bank can enhance marketing activities and target outreach to achieve maximum results.


Same-day activation and instant access to funds means happy customers

Get an easy, instant, secure, personalized, and affordable banking solution for your institution today with Harland Clarke’s Card@Once.

Increase customer satisfaction by providing same-day activation and immediate access to accounts and funds.

For more information on Harland Clarke's product and services portfolio, please contact:

Brian Jones
Senior Account Executive
Community Markets Division