Executive Development Program

Program Curriculum

The Executive Development Program consists of twelve individual sessions designed specifically to enhance each attendees’ learning experience.

Content Includes

  • The Big Picture and Bank Evolution
  • Leadership and Management
  • Understanding Bank Financial Statements
  • Bank Profitability
  • Legislation and Politics
  • Asset Liability Management 
  • Credit and Risk Review
  • Audit and Compliance
  • Sales Performance, Expectations and Measurement
  • Communication and Influencing Others
  • Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
  • Credibility and Ethics
  • Overview of Fintech


Participants are required to complete 6-8 hours of homework prior to each class. This prepares them to best understand the topics, challenges them to be proactive in their learning, and to seek out the advice of key individuals within their own institution when needed. After completing their individual homework the participants then confer with an assigned and diversified study group (bankers with differing skill sets) within their class to compare notes and learn how their peers approached the questions.


One of the unique aspects of the EDP is the mentorship program. It was designed to pair EDP students with an executive mentor from their bank who works with them on a monthly basis to reinforce the classroom learning experience, introduce them to key executives at their institution, and pair them with business experts for assistance in their homework preparation. Each student is required to have a mentor for the duration of the program; they are expected to interact frequently with them and to use them as a sounding board to assist them in understanding topics that may be outside their current knowledge base. This is one of the few banking related executive development programs in the country where mentor and mentee are partnered to ensure the most complete development of the student.


Attendees are required to attend 85% (10/12) of the courses to be considered a graduate of the program.